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Bike hangars

A new form of bicycle parking is being offered – free of charge – to employers in County Durham.

Bike hangars are lockable shelters that provide secure, weatherproof storage for up to four bikes. Inside the hangar there are locking points to which users secure their bikes. For extra security the hangar door can also be locked. Users are provided with keys.

The hangar – worth nearly £3,000 – will be provided free of charge by ParkThatBike. The initiative is funded by Durham County Council.

Bike hangars are a great way for employers to provide cyclists with safe and convenient storage for their bikes. Bike hangars are a Dutch invention and are commonplace on business premises across the Netherlands. They're a stylish, modern way to provide secure cycle storage. Several hangars can be can be joined together to form a longer row if additional parking is needed. If required, they can be moved easily to a new location.

Any organisation that can demonstrate a commitment to cycling and sustainable travel is welcome to apply for a free bike hangar. Applicants will also be offered activities such as cycle skills training, guided rides, cycle maps and help with route planning and bike maintenance – all free of charge – and are expected to book at least one activity before they receive their bike hangar.

To apply for a free bike hangar either download an application form or phone 01594 564 344 and ask us to post you a form.